March 17, 2010

Journey of me to...

im living in a small hole inside a cave,under the ground below the sea in a deep black forest on another planet!

can you imagine?

thats why i always having problem connecting to the internet.
so,how to solve?

i need to get out from the hole first lah.then climb out of the cave.then dig,dig,dig until i reach above the ground(then i realize that i forgot to bring oxygen tank,so need to return back la.cannot survice without air in the sea you know (@_@) ).then get out from the hole again,climb out of the cave again,dig,dig again..when i reach above the ground,need to swim,swim until i get to the surface.then i need to walk through the deep black forest (i found a few black forest cadbury chocolate,eat some,keep the rest as 'bekal').then walk again and again until i reach the end of the,im thinking how im going to fly from that planet to Earth~Suddently i realize that i had a pair of wing (you know..something like 'Legion'~might result from me eating the chocolate..i wonder~). Then phewwww~ im flying! "i believe i can fly..hoyeah!"

at here..on the earth,north Malaysia,on an island called PENANG


~~masha~~ said...

btul2 husna in wonderland..hehe..

HuSnA said...

hehehe..yaya."Husna in Wonderland".5D.sila tonton~